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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • What does the device do?
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    • It's a fire extinguisher that puts out fires with sound waves.
  • How did you get the idea to do this?
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    • Others were working on it, but Viet said, "Why don't we be the ones to make this work?"
    • We morphed through a two prototypes until we got to this one – Mach III.
    • Many attempts were made before the Eureka! moment when you discovered it wasn't high frequency sounds like in dog whistles, but low frequency sounds like the THUMP, THUMP, THUMP in hip-hop that did the trick.
  • What are the potential applications of the extinguisher? Why is it better?
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    • It's Safer for the environment – no toxic chemicals -- so safer in homes in offices – won't hurt kids or animals
    • It's more cost-effective than sprinklers for false alarms – no water damage
    • It's effective in space where fire is a big issue. Sound waves can be aimed without gravity.
    • It could be mounted on drones for large forest fires or urban conflagrations, making it safer for firefighters
    • Consumer use in homes and offices
  • Have you got a patent, this thing seems like it will revolutionize the industry?
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    • We've filed a "provisional patent application" with help from Mason's Office of Tech Transfer to protect our idea.
  • What's next? Talking to any venture capitalists?
    • Tee-hee, ho ho ho.



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