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Affirmative Action Policies Can Increase Scrutiny for New Hires

New research, by GMU School of Business professor David Kravitz & others, finds that a deeper understanding of what triggers feelings such as resentment, stigmatization and "stereotype threat" can help companies prevent these negative reactions and make diversity efforts more successful. More

Immigrant Impact on the American Pharmaceutical Industry

Mason's Institute for Immigration Research is quantifying, documenting and telling the story about the economic contributions of immigrants in a variety of American industries. More


Interdisciplinary Centers

Vikas Chandhoke's research know-how is at the forefront as he pulls together like-minded experts from across colleges to launch new centers in the areas of simulation, modeling, computational gaming, and medical & health sciences. More

Italians Partner with Virginians to Advance Medical Research

Representatives of Office of Research & the U of Brescia, Italy, signed a MOU earlier this week to share medical research & knowledge. More


Lab's New Accreditation Brings Significant Advantages for Research

Research at the Center for Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine focuses on prevention, early detection and individualized therapies for conditions as varied as Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia, Lyme disease, leukemia and traumatic brain injuries. More

Bridge over Troubled Water: New Water Forum Creates National, Global Ties

It looks like a team that was meant to come together. And now that it's off the ground, a new George Mason University forum is forging bonds among local, national and global experts to improve something we all need to survive—water. More